Certification 2 - Recertifying

1 minute read

expiration warning I just recieved an email from AWS that I need to recertify, or my AWS certifications will expire on December 4th. So I guess that’s a sign from the universe that I should do that one next.

Last time I took the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional exam, it was pretty tough. But from what i remember, it was really mostly about learning which products to use in which situations, and how they compare in the pricing models. I don’t remember the specifics, but there were questions where you had to choose between 2-5 products, and you had to know which one was the cheapest, or which one was the most scalable, or which one was the most secure.

I haven’t worked much with AWS since I changed jobs last year, so I’ll have to give myself a crash course. Since I’m not planning on paying for classes, I’ll probably starty by going through the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional page, and read up on the different products and services. I’ll probably also be checking out the skill builder.

Other than that we’ll see. I’m aiming to take this exam around September 20th, so I’m giving myself about 15 days to read for it.